Academic Research Collaboration

Academic Research Collaboration

In 2018 Government have sanctioned a scheme for Promotion of Academic Research Collaboration with the aim to improve the research ecosystem of India’s Higher Education.

The benefits of such programmes are as follows:

International faculty or researchers to visit and stay in Indian Institution to pursue research and teaching.

Indian students visiting premium laboratories for training & experiment.

Consequence of such programme enables students to interact with high quality research group. Thereby developing bilateral relationships in academics and research with top countries in the world.

To create a worldwide integrated scientific platform ISERS supports colleges, educational institutes and technical Universities in all over the world financially and academically with our well-connected resource professionals and members to organize International Conferences, Scientific events, R&D Assistance, Faculty Development Program, workshops and Professional / Student Chapters.

Every Universities & colleges need to consolidate the academic requirement and maintain a world class faculty in order to enhance the teaching & learning methodology.

Development of technology in recent decades have made the research equipment’s expensive and to maintain the same by employing a highly specialised professionals have become a challenge by a single institution. Therefore, making use of the advantages of technological progress, collaboration among researchers and institutions ensures that their knowledge, skills and techniques are made available to everyone.