The climate change phenomenon in Marathwada region of Maharashtra, India is a phenomenon of changing weather conditions to extreme and which are shifting the average values of weather parameters. Today the climate change phenomenon in Marathwada region is being observed in significant manner by altering the normal , uniform seasonal rainfall to abnormal rainfall resulting in abrupt cloud busting phenomenon in one region, whereas in another region there is no rainfall resulting in to flooding and drought condition respectively. The climate change in Marathwada is influencing the each and every important sector of human life ranging from its food, health, agriculture and national monuments etc. directly as well as indirectly, resulting flooding and droughts hazards frequently. Marathwada region is frequently facing severe droughts resulting in severe water crises. The scarcity of water is resulting various problems such as, decreasing water table in region, health problems to living organisms including man, decreasing agricultural yield, loosing biodiversity, triggering desertification etc. Therefore to tackle the climate change problem, there is a need of proper environmental education among the society members through formal and non formal systems and make them aware about climate change and its adverse impacts and how to overcome them. It is realized that, the percolation of gogreen concept in society and public awareness are the major tools to mitigate the impact of climate change in Marathwada region.