The effects of global environmental changes are beginning to be felt and will impact on our lives and those of future generations. Among environmental threats we face today, climate change is recognized to be the most pressing environmental issue of 21st century. The perception of climate change as an environmental problem and public health hazard can significantly affect public behavior in terms of acceptance of the government‟s actions for mitigation and various forms adaptation strategies. Environmental practices that reduce waste and increase energy efficiency (green practices) can lead to significant improvements in the global efforts of creating clean environment. The study reported herein would be the first of its kind in the Arabian Gulf region that seeks to examine people‟s opinions on a host of environmental issues in relation to human activities as well as potential solutions to these issues. The findings from this public survey indicate that about 80% of respondents believe human actions have already caused global environmental changes and the current path to economic development may not be sustainable. Respondents showed great concerns for future generations‟ wellbeing if environmental deterioration continues unabated. While this study is an important first step, only a few aspects of the impacts of climate change are included in the questionnaire. There is a need for future studies to provide more information in order to quantify perceptions of climate risks to society, analyze the benefits of climate action, and enhance adaptive capacity.

Keywords: climate change, greenhouse gases, energy efficiency, public health, public opinion.