Here is an abstract regarding air pollution and its hazards in DELHI NCR. Air pollution is one of the deadliest type of pollution effecting major portion of the population, which can be a kid or an adult. Almost everyone is subjected and effected by air quality, it can be polluted air inside the house or in the outside environment. The major sources of pollution are automobile and industrial emission. The particulate matter enters the environment which are the deadliest pollutants for humans. The PM2.5 and PM10 are the major and hazardous pollutants present in environment, whose normal concentration remains 5-10 times than its permissible limit. The maximum PM being 999μg/m3, which is almost 10 times the permissible limit of PM. Pollution level is so high that WHO declared DELHI under the world‟s 25 most polluted cities. Major constituents of air pollution is particulate matter, which are matter having diameter less than 10μ and 2.5μ, these particles directly settled down in the arteries and lungs and effect human of each age group. Most vulnerable are the one who are subjected to outside pollution the most like traffic cops, drivers, shopkeepers, hawkers, vendors, residential areas near highways etc.


Government initiatives are rather ineffective, or not effective to that extent, which includes various laws passed by our government.

Respiratory masks, use of various renewable energy resources, limiting pollutants, limiting vehicles, standardizing limits of pollutants can be done to reduce pollution.

As an individual we need a lot to cope up with air pollution, for its preventive measure.