Air pollution is the contamination of air via several unwanted substances which further pollutes the environment. These particles can be particulate matter or various other poisonous gases. These contaminations cannot be eliminated completely. These have a drastic effects on the human beings of each age group. The gases from the industries and factories tends to pollute the environment, the particles emitted from the automobile or vehicular transmissions are the particles of very small diameter which gets settled down in the lungs and arteries of the human being. These particles are known as particulate matter. As an individual extent we can reduce pollution by carpooling or by using public transport, but what about the status or pollution present this time in the environment, we need to rethink and remake the rules, regulations and laws for preventing pollution penetrating deep into the environment. Consequences or air pollution is climatic changes and adverse health effect, on every individual depending upon the condition of the human and its age. Main contaminants are SO2, NO2, CO, PM Etc. These pollutants are categorized as primary and secondary based on their effect. Other pollutants are heavy metals including lead, arsenic, CFC and radioactive pollutants. Now talking about the effect of radioactive air pollutants, which releases ultrasonic rays, UV rays, these are deadliest rays causing air pollution, and further damaging ozone layer, which further causes global warming issue which is an issue of world concern. Depletion of various air pollutants is the only way to reduce air pollution and prevent further damages of environment.