Tight competition between microfinance institutions requires a service innovation and good performance. This study aims to examine non-financial performance information based on cultural harmony presented on the website to the level of customer trust. The two approaches used in this study are quantitative and qualitative approaches (explanatory sequential mixed method). One hundred fifty-five companies that have websites are used as samples. Quantitative results show that the delivery of information on general management performance and risk management influences the level of customer trust. Qualitative results show that the element of belief in cultural values maintained by microfinance institutions adds motivation to participate in advancing the company. Customer trust in microfinance institutions is increasingly strong through the delivery of information about cultural activities. The results of this study contribute to the legitimacy theory and the competitive strategy by integrating cultural values with information technology (IT) is a new finding in microfinance institutions. Building customer trust can be done non-financially so that managers can use IT with culture as a competitive strategy.

Keywords: Customer trust, non-financial digital performance, microfinance institutions