This article aims to examine the research policies of lecturers in higher education in Indonesia. Based on the library research method, the following conclusions can be found: 1) Producing research that is in accordance with national development priorities; 2) Ensure the development of specific superior research based on comparative and competitive advantages; 3) Achieve and improve quality according to the target and relevance to the community; 4) Increase dissemination of research results and protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The standards of lecturer research policies, namely: 1) Standard direction of research refers to research maps based on the vision and mission of higher education; 2) Standard research processes include: planning, implementation, control and research quality improvement systems; 3) Standard results, namely fulfilling standard universal scientific rules; 4) Competency standards, namely the competence of researchers in accordance with universal scientific rules; 5) Funding standards, which are in accordance with the principle of autonomy and accountability; 6) Standard facilities and infrastructure to produce valid scientific findings; and 7) Standard outcomes, namely research activities must have a positive impact on the development of nations and countries in various sectors.

Keywords: Policy, Research, Lecturer