A development of city is motivated by various aspects of life such as population growth, advancement of science and technology, the dynamics of economic activities, the development of communication networks, and transportation. These aspects will bring changes to the use and function of the area as well as change the city‟s the area and architecture character, both physically and non-physically. These changes, if left unmanaged, will result in a decrease in the quality of the function and image of the region. Research with the title of study of regional character and city architecture is a better way to find out the regional elements and urban architecture that can be maintained and developed, so that the identity of the city is not easier to change. The research objective is to ”create” a regional clusters, to establish the buildings that can be maintained, “to create” a master plan for urban areas both in two dimensions and three dimensions, so that the establishment policy issues of regional government and development of urban areas can be achieved as insightful urban, also the environment and handling the development of the city can also be handled well and directed. The location taken as a research case is Malang city. This city is a colonial city designed by the Dutch government based on the decentralization law in 1905. In the Act, Malang city was designed in 1914. Retrieval data in this study uses several methods, namely; questionnaire methods, interviews, cognitive map sketches, place recognition through the preparation of photos, and visual observation. Data obtained from these five methods are categorized based on the benefits and depth of the meaning of the data. The research findings are Malang region and architecture character can be used as a basic concept in determining of the Malang city development policy, the preservation policies of old areas and buildings in the city of Malang, and the development policies of Malang city in the future.

Keywords: Regional Character, City Architecture, Building Preservation, City Identity, Malang City..