Pasuruan city is the main line of transportation system in the northern coast of Java island which is directly adjacent to the strait of Madura island. Many citizens at Pasuruan city work as fishermen. A few of fishermen sold their fish at the fish market place directly, and the others one produce salted fish. The salted fish process are: cut fish in a half, place them, then they are dried using solar energy. The steps of implementation of drying salted fish are: the workers squat to set and place the fish that there already cut in half on the tray, place at the upper of the tray, sit, and stand, and twist their body repeadly for a few hours. These steps are not natural movements, so the workers will get tired and injured. The objective of this research is to analyze and to determine the injury or musculoskeletal disorders using Rapid Upper Limb (RULA) method, and to design the ergonomics equipment (solar blow dryer) using the data of anthropometric measurement of the workers at Pasuruan city. The research result shows that the ergonomics equipment dimension are the height of the squeeze is 75.9 cm, the height of the eye stands is 148.9 cm, and the range is 206.3 cm.

Keywords: Ergonomics, solar blow dryer, RULA.