Service quality and parishes satisfaction are very important aspects that an organization or a foundation must understand in order to remain competitive in service and hence grow. It is very important for the organization or foundation to know how to measure these constructs from parishes‟s perspective in order to better understand their needs and hence satisfy them. The main purpose of the research is to measure and describe how parishes perceive service quality and their satisfaction and also the gap between perception and expectation. The research method used self-completion questionnaire that was developed from the service quality dimensions and attributes and interview. The analysis used descriptive statistic and qualitative approach to determine their perception, expectation and the gap. The participants is youngsters, youth‟s coordinator, and reverands in ABC Church. The research result showed a reliability gap scale is -0.88, assurance is -0.74, tangibles is - 1.23, empathy is -0.96, and responsiveness is -0,78. The gap between perception and expectancy is less than -1.4. The main proposition is the decreasing gap between perception and expectation of the reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, and responsiveness (RATER) scales which reveal increased the youngsters‟ parishes satisfaction.In Mediterranean ecosystems, high population density increases ignitions and frequency of fires. The high temperatures, the drought and the west winds are the worst enemy of the forests, especially in the central and southeastern Mediterranean, scope of this study, in which, from a psychosocial approach, we will know some aspects about the way of perceiving the landscape in a region of eastern Spain.

In summary: The future fire regime depends not only on climate, but there are other factors that can be more relevant when modeling fires and landscapes, and, without a doubt, the human being is targeted as the main fire regime modifier throughout the planet.

Keywords: Servqual, RATER, parishes, youngsters, perception, expectation.