Various types of recyclable materials are currently used in Mechanical industries. Waste include industrial waste, power plant waste such as chemical solvents, pigments, Red mud, Copper slag, Silica fumes, sludge, metals, fly-ash, paints, sandpaper, paper products etc. Reutilization of these recyclable materials is very beneficial, When these waste products are used in place of other conventional materials, expensive and/or potentially harmful waste disposal is avoided. Nowadays, natural resources are depleting worldwide, while at the same time the generated wastes from the industries are increasing substantially. The aim of this paper is to describe the industrial and natural waste utilization in construction materials. According to their fineness and specific gravity the wastes are partially or fully replaced with the construction materials (cement, fine and coarse aggregates). The industrial wastes contain high pH and they are calculated under the different temperatures to improve its reactivity. Generally the wastes contain the pozzolonic properties due to its fineness and plasticity, so it increases the strength of the materials. The pozzolonic characteristics may partially replace the materials and known benefits on the durability of the products. Under this the wastes are partially replaced to the construction material and using an different grades of concrete mix and tests were conducted for various proportions to analysis or finding the strength attainments (compressive, flexural, tension etc.,) tests are followed under the standard setup procedures and machines. Nowadays, the wastes are not having any industrial applications, so it can be innovatively using these wastes as a raw material in the civil engineering field. By using these wastes as the nonconventional and reuse or recycling of waste material in order to compensate the lack of the natural resources. So, wastes can be used to produce new products or can be used as admixtures in the civil engineering field. So the environment is protected from waste deposits.

Keywords: Fly ash, Red mud, Copper slag, Silica fumes, Cement, Aggregates, Mechanical industry waste, Mechanical Engineering Application, Environmental application.