Expansive soils are composed primarily of hydrophilic clay minerals, such as Montmorillonite, and with significant swelling and shrinking characteristics. These soils can cause heavy economic losses, as well as being a source of risk to the population . The cyclic wetting and drying process causes movement in expansive soils leading to failure of civil engineering structures found on such soils. The problem of expansive soil crack has gradually become a research hotspot, elaborates the occurrence and development of cracks from the basic properties of expansive soil, and points out the role of controlling the crack of expansive soil strength. So we use the soil stabilisation method in which we stablise the soil using different industrial waste material which are primarily emanate from industries all over the globe,. so we have carried out a research on the us of on use of e-waste in expansie soil to make it more stronger and workable .

Keywords: *Medical Waste *Expansive *Environmental application * Electrical Engg. application *Prediction air pollution Delhi India and Kaula Lumpur Malaysia *During Rainy Period