The present study focuses on the assessment of the major ions and in-situ parameters in shallow groundwater in northern parts of Kelantan, Malaysia. Groundwater resources are the main source of domestic water supply in the region. 29 groundwater samples and 3 surface water samples from the study area were analysed in 2016. All the samples were used for domestic purpose. Efforts were made to interpret the probable sources of the major ions present in the samples. The results were compared with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines to evaluate the appropriateness of groundwater for drinking and other domestic purposes. Based on the analysis most of cations and anions are found in moderate concentrations and are below the permissible limits as established by the WHO and MOH and are deemed suitable for various domestic purposes. The interaction of groundwater with the various geological formations, during its lateral subsurface movement influences its hydro chemical characteristics.

Keywords: Groundwater, quality, shallow aquifers, Kelantan